PRISON to POWER Series: The Released Brother...

Every day brothers are released back into our community from prison. Most, but not all, boast about the time they did. These brothers cling to the prison experience like a gold medal or a championship[ ring. They send a misleading message to the youth that prison is cool, forgetting the burden on your emotional and mental state of mind. My brothers, be honest and explain the mental and emotional anguish incarcerated men go through. Expound on how your court appointed lawyer was working with the District Attorney to put you away. So, you had a paid lawyer, huh? Newsflash! He took your money and still sent you away. The Judge took your freedom and slept good that night. It’s a job to him and the more you keep appearing in front of him, the longer he stays on the bench.

Please, elaborate on how being separated from your wife and kids hurts your heart. Or how you felt lees of a man when your children’s birthdays come up and the state money you receive every two weeks will not buy a card because you owe a surcharge (fee owed to the court system), Yet, you come back to the community and broadcast how you were “the man up North”. “Save it, my Brother!” That’s not what your son or daughter want to hear, You, I, and 60 others know the truth and how it when no one answers the phone when your calling home.  We know how it feels when no one shows up on your visit day after you get all dressed up in your state greens, Polo shirt, and the newest Foamposites; lying on your bunk all dressed up, jumping every time the phone rings.

When you do go on the visit, explaining the degrading ballerina show you have to give AFTER the visit. I guess you want me to keep that quiet, but I’m keeping it real.

Mass incarceration is a trap that disables and places our youth at a disadvantage. We need more Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, and Judges. Educating and properly guiding them will give our children a better chance to become pillars in our community, while strengthening it.

At the end of the day, this is a reminder to the young AND the old that imprisonment is serious and not a game. It takes good men away from our community, breaks up families, and leaves our children Fatherless. My brothers, please get it together and unite so we can stop these senseless murders in our community. Keep our Elders safe, our women happy, and our children successful. It will take all of us to break those invisible that hold many of us back.

From the Fathers who are locked up, to the single Mothers of our young male; let’s look through those veils our children carry and realize that this is NOT the story that we want to tell.

Yours Truly,


P.S.This is written from my personal experience. I was once a “Released Brother” We need to get it together my brothers and rise from Prison to Power